Customers Threaten to Leave UK Businesses Unless Service Levels Improve

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Businesses in the UK need to rapidly up their customer service levels or risk losing a vast proportion of their customers, the newest customer service study from Expert Market has revealed.

Customer Service Survey Report

While good relations with customers have always been important for companies, findings show just how short Brits’ loyalties are if they feel they are not being treated right.

•   Three quarters (72.4%) of UK customers would ditch their purchase for a competitor after not getting an email reply within 1 day.
•   British businesses lose 85.5% of callers if they don’t answer them within 5 min or less.
•   67.4% of Brits prefer updates on their place in the queue or time left to wait, rather than 80’s elevator music.
•   94.2% of people hesitate or refuse to make a customer service call if the number had dialling charges.

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