Smallest Businesses Have Most Engaged Employees

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SMALL businesses have much more engaged employees than large businesses, a new study has shown.

Micro businesses have almost twice as many engaged staff members than large businesses, according to the study of more than 2,000 workers by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The study found 60% of micro business employees, 44% of small business staff, 38% of medium businesses workers and only a tiny 31% of large businesses employees felt engaged at work.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who worked in the voluntary section felt more engaged than those who worked in the private or public sector (41%, compared to 37% and 29% respectively).

A spokesperson for Expert Market said: “Though these results are not necessarily surprising they are incredibly important. If a business is to be at its most productive, it is not ideal to have a large majority of staff who do not feel engaged.

“Obviously in smaller businesses where there are fewer than ten employees, even a new starter, or someone with little seniority can have their opinion heard by the CEO. In a larger business this is much harder.

“However, larger businesses, if correctly organised can have the greatest staff engagement of them all. Sub-committees can be created to generate engagement, as well as having a thriving social scene, which smaller businesses often lack.

“It is interesting that women felt more engaged at work, then men, and perhaps this is to do with the social skills that women bring into the workplace, that their male counterparts may lack. It may also be to do with the jobs that women traditionally hold.

“Improving employee engagement is an important task for businesses and it seems, from this study, larger businesses have a lot to learn from smaller companies.”

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