Beginners’ Guide to Starting a UK Business [Slideshow Presentation]

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Beginners’ Guide to Starting a UK Business - Slideshow

Looking to start your own UK business? According to a report from the Office for National Statistics, new business start-ups are on the rise in 2013.

Also, a recent BBC report revealed that £30m is being made available from the UK Government over the next few years for young entrepreneurs to start new businesses.

With so many opportunities available, there is no time like the present to begin your own venture.

You might have seen our Beginners’ Guide to Staring a UK Business before. We decided to format it in a slideshow presentation version below.

The guide is intended to support start-up novices. Start at the beginning and you will be taken through each stage of the process – from choosing a business location, to hiring employees and earning a profit.

Chapters include:
1 – Research Your Business Idea
2 – Choose Your Business Structure
3 – Find a Business Location
4 – Register Your Company
5 – Tax & National Insurance
6 – Get Licensing
7 – Create a Business Plan
8 – Sourcing Money & Funding
9 – Design Your Website
10 – Networking
11 – Build a Marketing Strategy
12 – Hire Employees
13 – Get Customers & Sales

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