Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, How to Get Super Fit For Free

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ANYONE who’s exercised before should be well aware of the benefits exercise can make to the mind, not just the body.

A lot of larger companies offer gym memberships or sports experiences to employees so well known are the positive effects of keeping active.

Some benefits include clearing the mind, distressing, team building and bringing out a competitive streak.

However, if you are working for yourself, or your company doesn’t offer subsidised exercise, you can still keep fit for free.

Below are a collection of various boot camps across the country who offer free day or week trials.
No excuses, work out and work harder!

1) One week bootcamp trial, based in the outskirts of London. – 1 week bootcamp trial

2) Free session at women only bootcamp for early birds. Sessions in South London starting at 6am!

3) Seriously hardcore running bootcamp trial. Based in city centres across the country. running session in city centre!

4) Two free weeks at one of the best known bootcamps. Sessions held across the country.

5) Another London based free trial.

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