Social Media for Business. Why Facebook Matters!

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Facebook started as a way of friends sharing messages, jokes, photos and updating each other with their life. In the last few years more and more business have realised that Facebook can have benefits for them too. In surveys, Facebook has topped the polls for the most popular social media site for businesses to use to promote their brand and products. Across the UK take up of social media varies with two thirds of businesses in the North of England taking up this technology but less than forty percent in the East of England.

Facebook now gets as many page visits as Google in the USA and has over eight hundred million users, with over half tapping in every day. Companies able to tap into these figures can connect to their customers and find out their interests. Some successes on Facebook include the Coca Cola page with over five million fans or Disney at over three million. The users of Facebook are based all over the world with over seventy languages available on the site, so a Facebook account is a way to connect with customers far beyond your traditional base. Setting up a Facebook page for your business wont cost anything but can tap you into this massive global audience.

Most of the companies with successful Facebook pages update them regularly to promote the brand's identity. Including photos can make your business seem more human. Fans will get to know the personality of your business, which often increases brand loyalty. Being on Facebook isn't just limited to a setting up your own page, you can also use the information shared on Facebook to run effectively targeted advertising campaigns based on 'likes' or interests. Or you can use sponsored stories to promote the spread of information about your business.

Businesses have realised their customers are on Facebook, and that's its no longer just for the young. In fact, in recent times research suggests the fastest growing group of users is the over fifty demographic. For all businesses, whatever their sector, Facebook is a cost effective way to engage with customers on a regular basis.

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