What Can A Folder Inserter Do For You?

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A faster, smarter marketing machine for producing, printing, collating and packaging your marketing? Welcome to the world of Folder Inserters. In this article, Expert Market introduce the functions of a Folder Inserter, and take a look at one of the frontrunning models on the market.

What does it do?

A Folder Inserter can work for any business with marketing output. It designs and produces marketing material to a professional finish much faster than humanly possible.

Take the Neopost DS-85 for example...

To properly explain the capabilities of a Folder Inserter, let's take a look at the latest model onto the market - the Neopost DS-85.

Neopost's DS-85 Folder Inserter is following in the princely footsteps of the DS-35, which won Business Info Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award at the end of 2011.

Imagine a computerised mailroom assistant that handles whatever you throw at it, that can deal with any insert size and type – A4 / A5 / leaflets / postcards / envelopes – and supports up to 10 sheets per envelope. Your mails will be neatly folded and addressed, with all the documents placed in the correct order inside.

As well as processing uniform marketing documents at high speed, the DS-85 can send bespoke material to customers with individual requirements – using the DS-85 interface you can isolate individuals and make whatever adjustments you like.

OMS and OMR... What do they bring to the world?

Neopost’s Output Management Software (OMS) has been designed to be intuitive for non-technical users, and has a simple control interface. It can automatically sort through recipients using word recognition technology, and uses intelligent barcoding - Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) - to ensure mail always goes to the right customer.

A full-page reader gives editing control and OMR freedom - you can place those intelligent barcodes anywhere on the page.

The higher the capacity the greater the savings

If you need greater capacity you can scale up. The DS-85 can be expanded up to six stations, each with a high capacity feeder and cascade printing.

As well as saving your business between 30-60 seconds per document, and improving the quality and efficiency of your mailouts, the DS-85 can spell immediate savings.
This model of Folder Inserter can use DL and C5 envelopes, which both qualify for Royal Mail’s Mail Pricing in Proportion discounts of at least 22p per item.

Article written by Thomson Turpin. To hear more from Thomson: @expertmarket

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